Antoinette Perez – Curiosity and your True North

Curiosity and your True North

with Antoinette Perez, from RockOnTinyRebel

Chris Angell, host of The Authentic Entrepreneur

One of the main turning points in my own journey of authenticity, or building a business that is more in alignment with who I am, came from a realization that I have my own things to say.

As a hungry entrepreneur, so much of my initial programming came from books, tapes, courses. And the ones that resonated with me stuck. I found myself saying what others say. Doing what others do.

And that was good. It was helpful. It gave me scaffolding to build my career.

But there came a moment when I realized I had my own thoughts. Some things I had believed before didn’t quite fit the same anymore. I began to listen to my gut more and what has come of that is more peace in the experience of growing my business, more momentum in building towards my vision and the experience of really seeing myself and appreciating who I am and what I have to offer… in my own words.

After scaling the tree we all scale to learn our profession and reach our goals, It’s an empowering feeling to step out on your own branch, with your own voice and your own perspective and know that this is your unique contribution to the world. For many, they’re stuck to the tree and afraid of stepping onto their own branch. But for others who find the courage to be curious and explore the promptings and clues in their soul, their journey becomes more authentic, more real, more congruent with who they are and where they want to go.

Today’s interview touches on this topic and more.

The Groundswell Method | Free Course

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Antoinette Perez is a public speaking coach with a background in corporate training. Through one-on-one consulting and training seminars she helps busy professionals speak like professional speakers. We chat with her about what she sees as common obstacles fledgling entrepreneurs face and the importance of authenticity in sales and public speaking.

Authenticity is not the same thing as full disclosure

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Authenticity is not over sharing. Updates every hour do not equal authenticity.

Common Obstacles to Creating an Authentic Business

American culture places too much emphasis on urgency. Often when people engage in conversation they say what is convenient for them rather than what they truly mean. Authenticity requires you to overcome your feelings of urgency, take a step back, and spend more time thinking about your words so that you can deliver the message that you really intend.

The number of options out there is overwhelming. There are so many different approaches and philosophies - particularly as they pertain to business and sales - available on the internet and through social media.

Curiosity is a great replacement for self awareness @rockontinyrebel

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While soundbites from motivational seminars and social media posts are great source of inspiration and energy, do not let them replace who you are and what you believe in. Being self-aware, curious, or having an inner compass is critical in determining if what you’re hearing truly resonates with you.

Advice for entrepreneurs who want their own business to resonate with who they are

  • Find a coach that can help
  • Align what you do with who you are
  • Make small changes rather than dramatic ones

The Groundswell Method | Free Course

An efficient soulful approach for bringing more people into your business

(or following up with the ones you already have - wink, wink)

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