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Are You Threatened By Zillow?

Here’s an observation:

Zillow is bigger than you.

They have a bigger budget, better technology (arguably a better search platform), and a bigger reach.

So it would be natural to feel threatened by Zillow (I’m not saying you are ;))

For agents who wonder if they’re forever resolved to buying internet leads from others who seem to “have all the leads” here’s the some good news...

You can win your clients over by providing more value.

Here’s a recent message from one of my clients:

Notice that the buyer had already found an agent through Zillow.

Also notice that without ever having talked to my client, they reached out to him to help them.

He didn’t pick up the phone. He didn’t chase them.

He simply provided value and that won them over.

See, in an environment where everyone is forcing registration and their only offer is to search local MLS properties (which is how Zillow and others capture leads), an agent who provides better insights and resources wins.

  • If you want to stand out from your competition as an agent who provides value...
  • If you want to have reach reach out to you instead of having to chase them...
  • If you want an alternative to buying leads from lead brokers like Zillow...

Then you need to clarify how you will bring value to the market besides what companies like Zillow currently offer.

Here are 3 suggestions to get you started:
1. Get clear about who you’re intending to serve.

The reason my client’s video inspired those buyers was that he addressed their specific fears and questions related to new construction. This built their confidence in him even though they had never met him. Who do you want to serve?

2. Pick a market you have confidence in and conviction for.

My client had history in new construction. He worked for builders as an on-site agent for years. He knows the ins and outs of new construction. This gives him a total advantage over the competition, and the buyers could hear that. What’s your advantage?

3. Offer something valuable in a place they can find it

My client created a video that he put on Facebook and used a Facebook strategy we worked on together to help buyers find it. This is powerful because when you know how to target those you’re intending to serve you don’t have to chase people. They just find you. Those who are interested reach out. Those who aren’t don’t. Simple. Do you have a system that finds the people you’re trying to serve?


Do you want to attract more clients with value and stop making obnoxious phone calls? Do you want to stop ambushing your sphere for referrals and replace that with a system that finds your ideal people and pulls them to you? Then watch this webinar replay where I cover my Client Factory approach.

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