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Crisis of Clarity

You have to separate what you do from how you make money.  We often collapse the two together. When what we say we do is given by how we make money we lose our clarity on the soul of our business. Example: If I make money by selling houses as a real estate agent and […]

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The Root and Curse of “Too Many”

“What are you struggling with?” is a question I’ve become more interested in lately. What I’m finding are answers like “Focus” “Motivation” “Time”. So I’m exporing an idea and I’d like your thoughts in the comments. It seems we are suffering from the “curse of too many”. Too many To-Do’s. Too many ideas. Too many […]

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Protect Your Focus

I think we undervalue focus. Much of what I do in consulting is pointing people back to the plan we created which was built out of simplicity and designed to get them not just to their income goals but to fund the life they want. So many distractions come day after day in the form […]

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