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Creating Impact and Legacy

with Jason Van Orden | Internet Business Mastery

Chris Angell interviews Ryan McNeice on The Authentic Entrepreneur

Jason Van Orden

Howdy peeps. I’m Chris Angell, your host. I’ve been interested in the topic of authenticity for a long time now. And I think what’s fueled that interest is all the ways I’ve felt like I had to sell out in business to make a buck.

As I grew in experience i started finding ways that I liked to grow my business. Ways that turned me on. Left me feeling strong. Ways that resonated with others and inspired them.

As I got further down this path of focusing on my strengths, it got clearer and clearer to me how many entrepreneurs were still stuck back where I was, trying to build their business in ways that were incongruent with who they were.

Much of what I do in my consulting practice these days is helping entrepreneurs find their voice, their tribe and the right lead generation methods that fit who they are.

And this podcast is a guilty pleasure I suppose, because I get to talk to other entrepreneurs who I think have found their way or have a particular angle on authenticity in business. And I think it’s cool that I can share that back with you.

None of us have it all figured out. But we all have perspective to contribute.

So thanks for being here.

Before I introduce you to my guest today, I want to give a quick thank you to all of you who have left a review in iTunes. Those reviews let me know what is resonating with you.

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With that said, I’m excited to introduce you to Jason Van Orden. 4 years ago i discovered podcasting. I loved being able to listen to people who had advice on things I was working on in my business. I kept hearing a similar format to these well produced shows and I thought, there is someone teaching these people how to do this. I need to find the source. With a little research it led me to Internet Business Mastery podcast and Jason Van Orden.

I ended up hiring Jason as a coach. He helped me launch a real estate podcast that at the time of this recording has over 80,000 downloads.

One of the things I admire most about Jason is his down to earth approach. He’s humble, he’s smart and he’s building a really cool community of entrepreneurs on facebook that want to create Impact in the world. Actually you can request to join that group by going to joinimpact.net

I’m excited for you to have a listen to our conversation. So here’s Jason.

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I really like the litmus test for authenticity Jason mentioned in our conversation. There are a lot of ideas we have as entrepreneurs. Some more congruent with who are and our legacy than others.

But it’s the ones we’re scared out of our sox to share that have the residue of impact and legacy.

In fact, let me share a recent bad news insight around birthing these authentic ideas that can have impact and legacy and where we can get off track and delay our impact to the tune of years.

I recently had a new idea for a continuity program I want to release to market. It’s similar to an idea I had 3 years ago. So last night I grabbed 2 of my journals from 3 years ago that had those old thoughts and plans about the similar idea.

But as I started reading my journal I became physically uncomfortable.

The ideas and plans in my journal were awesome. In fact in my journal I had written in big letters “Holy Ground moment” . I was clearly inspired. And I remember writing those thoughts.

So why the discomfort?

Because I haven’t done anything with those ideas in 3 years. And here I am with a similar idea I want to bring to market and if I had just executed my Holy Ground moment 3 years ago, where could I be today? How much ground could I have taken? What kind of impact could I have had? How much additional cashflow could I have created?

See how this is bad news insight?

Well it gets worse.

I discovered a pattern in my writings. For 4 months I wrote about this holy ground moment idea. What I would do, what I would call it, who it would help, what I would teach them, who could be involved and how I would promote it. I poured my heart into these plans.

As an Entrepreneur I live for these moments where vision is fresh and and everything seems to fit.

I was quick to action In that I had a logo made on 99 Designs. I hired a web guy to model a membership site I liked (which didn’t go well by the way due to language barriers and trying to hire cheap freelancers). I even wrote an outline for what I would teach. Lots of action.

But not once in those 4 months did I reach out to a potential customer. I didn’t ask for their advice. I didn’t see if it would be helpful. Didn’t send an email about it. Nothing.

In other words, reading it last night, it looked like a lot of getting ready to get ready. And I hate that. Last night I could feel the shame around that. I’ve pitied people who get ready to get ready. I’ve looked down on people who get ready to get ready. And now here I was the victim of my own judgement.

I think that’s how karma works.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I saw another pattern plain as day.

In my journal you could see my excitement was starting to fade. Weeks would go by where I wouldn’t write about it. Most likely because I was stuck in the planning of it all and not getting it in front of actual customers. Birthing my concept was starting to wear on me. It wasn’t exciting any more. And because I wasn’t talking to customers or making a difference for anyone in the midst of that initial effort, there were no victories or stories to celebrate.

And then, in my journal in April, after meeting with a friend, I wrote about a new spark from a new idea. I had found inspiration again. I started planning. I picked a name. I mapped out how I would promote it, who I would target. I created some landing pages and some videos. I sourced the right software and potential affilaite products. Lots of planning, preparation and action. Just not getting it in front of my potential customers.

You get the idea.

I saw this pattern one more time in my journal. Another spark of an idea where I planned and plotted and prepared only to not get it in front of people.

All of this writing in two journals took place between November 2012 and July 2013.

After reading my journals I was sad. Sad that 3 years had gone by and I had nothing to show for it with this holy ground moment.

Sad that I had let myself get side tracked by other seemingly cool ideas that caught my imagination. Sad that I was the guy who got ready to get ready.

And that sadness led to regret. Regret that if I kept up this pattern, I would be the guy who was 60 years old with decades of journals planning out great ideas and nothing to show for it.

Pretty sucky huh?

But on this side of it there’s a redeeming side to regret. Regret is sobering. It creates resolve. After feeling sorry for myself, I was clear that my ideas were good and all there is to do this time is get it in front of the people it can actually help.

I had done a lot of the right things. I was on the right path.

I was so afraid of people not liking it or saying no to it that I never put myself in the game.

It’s almost as if I saw all my potential customers as haters and internet trolls that I had to convert instead of fans and people who found my product exactly what they had been looking for.

This is a pretty vulnerable share. But I’m sharing this with you because I think this pattern and this feeling is pretty common on the entrepreneurial path. I want it to encourage you.

When you have those sobering moments I think it’s good to spiral downwards far enough until you hit the feeling of regret and then use that regret to find your resolve.

If it’s a holy ground idea, don’t abandon it for a shinier, newer idea, especially when the birthing of your holy ground idea starts getting tough. In those moments I would have liked a win. So go get a win around your idea.

Tying this back into my conversation with Jason…

To really have impact we have to get our products and services in front of people, giving them a chance to say yes or no to it.

Look for the ideas that scare you out of your socks to share.

Niche down to find the ones you can impact the most with your idea. In Jason’s words, “You’re serving the world much better when you get really specific about who you do your best work with"

Stay curious and protect your focus by learning to say no to distractions and other seemlngly great ideas.

Being an entrepreneur is about more than cashflow and freedom. It’s about impact and legacy and leaving the world better than we found it.

I’d love to hear about your business ideas and the difference you want to make. If you want to be in a community of other entrepreneurs seeking to make an impact int he world, I would invite you to a private facebook group Jason created on facebook called Impact.

I have had the best interactions in that group that I’ve ever had on facebook. It’s an awesome group. Obviously it’s free to join. Just go to www.joinimpact.net and request to join.

If you’re interested in seeing how you and I might be able to work together you can go to groundswellbc.com/coaching

I look forward to hearing about what you’re creating.

Until next time, go get some wins and give life to your holy ground ideas.

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