Personal Power and Nurturing Your List

Personal Power & Nurturing Your LIst

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Joe Stumpf on The Authentic Entrepreneur podcast

Joe Stumpf

Welcome back to another episode of The Authentic Entrepreneur. I’m Chris Angell, your host, if this is your first episode.

Just took a week off or so due to a crazy storm we had in Spokane. We had winds upwards of 70 miles an hour. It left 180,000 people without power.

Our house was without power for about 3 days. And there are still some houses in the city without power. But super impressed by Avista Utilities scrambling to get power back to everyone. So thankful there are people that know how to do that.

Really made me appreciate hot food and a furnace. We were cooking on our grill and getting out of the house as much as possible. Temperatures got around 50 degrees in the house which is freaking cold.

Thankfully we’re all good. Nice to be back into things.

Just taught a business planning class last week in Nashville to about 80 or so real estate agents.

One of the main things we talked about was growing our list. How do we grow our list full of people that connect with us. And how do we do it ahead of our competition.

Which, side note, is what my free course teaches at If you want an innovative way to network in your local market that is valuable to helpful to others… you can start the course today at

Today’s interview with Joe Stumpf touches on some of key points to nurturing your list. But it’s a great interview because we cover so much more than that in just 30 minutes. You’ll want to listen to this one again.

Alright, Joe is a cool guy. I’m excited for you to meet him. So here you go...

"Go to the edge and listen to fear." -Joe Stumpf @joestumpfbro 

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Listening back to that interview was really inspiring. I take notes of these interviews before I create the podcast episode that you’re hearing now. And as I was listening to my interview with Joe and had so many thoughts I wanted to go back and explore further.

But here’s what I want to pull out for now…

On the tactical side, Joe said the #1 strategic secret in business is nurturing your list. I have found myself in the 90% of those who don’t nurture.

I think it’s because I’m an idea guy and it’s easy for me to move on to the next idea that entertains me rather than develop relationship with my list through an email that I have to take time to write or a video I have to record.

I also think I have a fear of pouring my heart out into these efforts and having them land flat with the people receiving it. Why put myself out there or take the time to care when most people won’t even slow down enough to read it or watch it?

This is the reinvention for me in a digital age. For 10 of the last 15 years my work has been local where I see people and connect with them. And in some ways that was easier for me to nurture my list. The shelf life or residual value of a coffee appointment or teaching a live class seemed to last longer.

When I was a CEO, walking the halls of my office gave me daily encounters that kept me connected to those I worked for. It was easy. It was fun.

Now as I seek to reinvent myself online producing content like this podcast, creating evergreen courses that I’ve poured my soul into, I don’t get quite the same feedback as teaching in person looking in someone’s eyes when the lightbulb goes on and they see possibility in their gifts, their plans and their future.

My thoughts have evolved in my online pursuits from trying to do it right or do it like others... to listening for my inner promptings and what I want to say to the world.

I’m in a space of putting less pressure on myself to “do it right” and realizing that it’s more important to simply “show up” consistenty than to have to write the perfect email or sales page or video script that converts at 100%

As I’ve been more consistent lately in my nurturing efforts I realize I’m getting pickier too.

I really want people who will engage and participate. I want to attract people who like to have meaningful exchanges rather than those simply looking for some hack that is suppose to 10x their business overnight. I’ve been there and chased that. There’s no relationship in that. And it’s not in alignment with who I am or what I value.

I’ve been put on this planet to inspire and encourage others in their pursuit of purpose through the building of a business that funds their life. And when I nurture from that place things work. I show up. I write. I teach. I connect.

When I don’t…. when I’m in my head… when I’m trying to do it right… things are hard, disjointed, foggy and unfulfilling.

I like how Joe described experiencing fear. Listening to it. Going to the edge and learning from our fear.

My intention in these post interview reflections is to share my own “edges” with you. It’s an interesting exercise. As a business coach who helps others go to their edges and find their true north, it feels risky or vulnerable to share my own edges with you.

God forbid you think I don’t have it all together.

But what kind of coach would I be if I never went to my own edges? How would I know what the fear feels like if I wasn’t in touch with my own fear or my own authenticity?

I think this is the work. This is the reinvention. This conversation of authenticity is more important to the future of the business landscape than 10x-ing your leads with the perfect landing page or call-to-action.

If we are to be the change we want to see in the world, I believe it starts here.

Go to your edges this week. Listen to what fear is telling you and then move your action towards alignment with who you are and what you stand for. Dare to build something real that has substance and humanity in it.

If you’ve thought about coaching and wanting to learn more about what I do or even sign up for a couple sessions with me… go to

Love you guys. Catch you on the next episode.

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