Jon Cheplak on Success charisma VS success substance

Success from Charisma vs Success from Substance

with Jon Cheplak, author of Interrupt the Pattern

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Part of the work I do in coaching entrepreneurs is getting the head game right. And to get the head right, you’ve got to get the heart right. There’s a time for strategy and that’s fun to work on. But what good is strategy if your heart and mind isn’t right?

Typically how it shows up is an inability to control ones schedule, which turns into frustration that “it” never ends, which turns into resentment for their work or their clients and finally exhaustion.

They may stay in this state for a while until something fires them up again. It could be they’re falling behind on their goals and that scares them so they jump up and get back in the game because of fear.

Or it could be that they read a great book or heard a great speech and so they jumped up and got back in because of inspiration. And in either case, fear or inspiration, they’re doomed to the same pattern they just went through because they’re relying on external factors to determine who they are and how they do things. How they are living is given by their environment or circumstance.

How do I know? Besides the fact that I see it in clients and help them get to the other side of it… That was MY story. I was always running around trying to please everyone. Trying not to look bad. Couldn’t say no. Didn’t want to be rude. Didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity. And living that way tossed me around. It’s weird how long we can sustain that kind of approach. It’s not healthy. We wish it were different. But we don’t seem to do anything about it. We don’t seem to break the pattern.

It took heart ache to experience a shift in MY pattern. It started out as self-preservation. Not trusting people. Watching my back. Only giving what I was willing to give in order to not be burned

And let me tell you something… it’s hard to build a business from that place. It takes way more effort, energy and grind when in the background you don’t trust people.

But as I moved through my pain and found peace, I came out the other side able to put myself first, as in a healthy place. Able to hold my boundaries. Able to make it look the way I wanted it to look. With love for myself and a growing love or others. I realized I had a choice. And that’s where I found my power. It didn’t come externally. It didn’t come from someone’s lead generation strategy or a time management course. It wasn’t external. It came from inside myself. It was heart work, not hard work that made life easier.

And I think that’s what Jon points to in today’s episode. Jon has a great story which I’ll let him share with you. But as you listen, see what part of Jon’s story resonates with you and take that as a clue from your soul about where to go to work on yourself.

The Groundswell Method | Free Course

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​Real estate and recruitment expert, life coach, and author Jon Cheplak was worked as a janitor before building his own thriving business. Jon’s journey to success, however, was not without its struggles. Today he talks to us about some of the life lessons he’s learned, how growing a business is an inside-out process, and the importance of authenticity and responsibility.

When we have challenges personally, they’re going to affect us professionally

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It was only until Jon began working on himself that he saw his business really succeed.

Growing Your Business from the Inside Out

Success in business starts from the inside out. Marketing tactics, lead generation, and other strategies are important, but not as important as working on yourself. Start tackling the challenges you face inside by journaling.

"The best definition of journaling is to get outside of you what’s inside of you that can kill you. Because if you don’t get it outside of you it’s just going to stew and stew and stew.”

Learn to love yourself, learn gratitude, and work on becoming an authentic person.

Gratitude and self love is the most powerful tool on Earth @joncheplak

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Charisma versus Substance

Achieving success with charisma over substance will feel like a grind. We live in a transparent society where people want to make connections with authentic people. Hiding who you are will only work to hurt your business.

Instead of becoming attached to outcomes and profits, focus on authentic human connections. Attach yourself to the process of your providing customers - and employees - with the best possible experience they can have.

Words of Wisdom for Successful Entrepreneurs

  • “The growth of my business is inside my business not outside my business.”
  • “The growth of my human is inside of me, not outside of me.”
  • Be careful not to move so fast that you miss all the answers and guidance sitting right in front of you.
  • Take absolute personal responsibility for the things you do - Things are going to wrong in business and in life. Stop apologizing for them. Instead, say “I was wrong, what can I do to make it right?”
  • If we stay in relentless pursuit of the truth we are in alignment with the universe and we are going to attract good things.

Giving up the need to be perfect opens up the opportunity to be authentic. This will allow you to really connect with others, because while it is difficult to relate to perfection, people are naturally drawn to authenticity and vulnerability.

The Groundswell Method | Free Course

An efficient soulful approach for bringing more people into your business

(or following up with the ones you already have - wink, wink)

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