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Message & Mission Before Tech Fascination

Chris Angell
In light of the recent explosion of interest in Periscope (and really the unending introduction of new technologies that are introduced year after year) I can’t seem to keep up.
Just when I’ve made a plan to add one technology a new one comes along. I still haven’t really figured out how I want to use Twitter.
Can you relate?
But I’ve become less anxious about how to add the next great technology to my business in recent years because I realize that technology is just a tool.
And what matters more (and what seems to be missing from many who use these platforms) is a clarity about their message and their mission.
Our message and mission is not to sell something. That might be a result but it’s not the purpose.
If I had to do it over again, I would find one tech tool I liked the most and then worked to clarify and master my message and mission with a group of people who resonated with that message and mission.
The point I’m making isn’t about technology. It’s about time. Time spent trying to keep up with different evolving technologies or time spent clarifying my message and mission. One is fleeting and will most likely change. The other is everlasting and has the ability to inspire others.
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