Nick Krautter on Leadership and Scaling Referrals

Leadership and Scaling Referrals

with Nick Krautter | The Golden Handoff

Chris Angell - The Authentic Entrepreneur podcast

Nick Krautter

On this episode we’re talking about how to scale a referral business plus the shift from building your business on your own to building it through others.

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is having too small a list. Jim Rohn used to say “What we lack in skill we make up in number” As we develop our content strategies and assemble our sales funnels we’re continually refining our message and testing what works.

During this time it’s helpful to have more people we can have access to. And not just random people, but people who we’ve been endorsed to. People someone else has introduced us to.

Today’s guest, Nick Krautter, is sharing a glimpse of how this works based on his new book The Golden Handoff. And while it was written by a real estate broker and works well for service professionals, I think this is an interesting concept for any business to entertain.

There are some great nuggets in here about leadership, vision, hiring and scaling all overlapping with authenticity.

So without further delay, here’s Nick Krautter.

"Leads aren't leads. They're people with hopes and dreams and families" via Nick Krautter  @sellpdx #entrepreneur #podcast

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I particularly likeD the part of our conversation about deciding the cost you’re willing to pay for success.

I don’t mean that like a motivational poster. I’m not saying “at any cost” which is what I think we sometimes hear in motivational speeches.

What I’ve been wrestling with over the last year and what I help clients sift through is around “What am I willing to give and what do I want my life to look like?”

I think when we ask these questions in the design stage of our business or the reinvention stage of our business we can better plan for and create the kind of business that will produce those results inside the constraints we’ve defined for ourselves.

Constraints and boundaries are good. They give us direction and focus. For many entrepreneurs there are too many options or ways to build and so we lose momentum due to distraction.

but with boundaries we have focus. It’s easier to find balance.

I also like the conversation we had around leading and that leading and training and recruiting and retention isn’t just about teaching the skill, but about casting vision for how to live a full life by living that example in front of those we lead.

It’s a call for us as entrepreneurs to remember why we’re building what we’re building and not put off our health or our passions or building great memories for a later date.

I remember a great lesson I learned in my real estate days from a great mentor I still respect today. The lesson was simple. Your ability to attract others (whether employees, customers, affiliates or whomever) is dependent on your vision and if they can see themselves getting to their vision by way of your vision.

If your vision is too small, they either won’t be attracted to what you’re doing or they will quickly outgrow you.

So as you build your plans to launch, to scale or to reinvent, don’t forget to nurture your vision for life and not just for sales or cashflow.

I’m excited for what you’re building. Drop me a line at [email protected] and let me know what you’re building and how I can help.

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It’s a privilege to spend this time with you. It’s my mission to help entrepreneurs add more soul to their business. Thanks for spending time with me. Catch you on the next episode of The Authentic Entrepreneur.

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