Pat Hiban on Working Out Your Authenticity

Working Out Your Authenticity

with Pat Hiban, Author of "6 Steps to 7 Figures"

Chris Angell interviews Pat Hiban of Hiban Digital on The Authentic Entrepreneur Podcast

I don’t often think of the role of money or community on authenticity. Authenticity seems like such an individual thing. Many of the conversations we’ve already had on this podcast have talked about the inner journey, being true to oneself and the work attached to that self-discovery.

What I love about my conversation with Pat Hiban today… and what I didn’t expect… is a glimpse into how surrounding ourself with others we can talk to about our thoughts, struggles, ideas becomes an important structure for continuing on our path… our True North.

The other thing you’ll hear in today’s interview is the role of money in authenticity. It sounds funny to say it that way, but it’s part of what I love about the intersection of success and authenticity. Without means, we are limited in our choices. Money creates more choices. It’s not to say that we can’t be authentic without money. It’s just to say you have more choices in how you express your purpose and share your message in this world.

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Build It In From the Beginning

Fascinating huh? At the very end there we got into some interesting observations. Is it inevitable that on our journey we will have to sell out for a season? Or, as we discussed, could we find a way to honor ourselves and build from there from the beginning?

I’m less concerned with what’s right and wrong in that answer and more interested in fostering authenticity earlier in our lives... my kids lives… and changing the agreement about what’s acceptable in business. Like a stock broker tatted out wearing flip flops who kicks ass at growing their clients portfolios and builds a corporate culture that embraces that type of authenticity.

Side note… I don’t want to imply that authenticity looks like tattoos and flip flops. That’s not what to hear in this.

What we’re pointing to is the ability to follow ones own path, surrounded by others who encourage that path and creating the means financially by which you can have more choices and resources on that path to express the difference you want to make in the world.

"Kids have the best radar for hypocrisy" - @pathiban on The Authentic Entrepreneur podcast

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