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Protect Your Focus

I think we undervalue focus.

Much of what I do in consulting is pointing people back to the plan we created which was built out of simplicity and designed to get them not just to their income goals but to fund the life they want.
So many distractions come day after day in the form of opportunities, ideas, responsibilities, urgencies and fun.
And by the end of each day or the start of the next our head is in a swirl with all that stimuli. String a bunch of days together like that and it’s no wonder we get off track.
So what are we to do to protect our focus?
Have a simple plan to execute rather than a complicated one. Too many people have too many ways they’re trying to get to their goal. Their to-do lists are way too long and they’re left with burden and guilt rather than energy and joy. Keep it simple.
Reaffirm your plan often (as in daily) with the desired effect being that it becomes easier to recognize and say no to distractions. This could be journaling about it in your miracle morning routine or reading your plan before you go to bed. Most people get an idea for growth and start chasing it without ever committing it to memory or committing to it period. When the next good idea comes along, they repeat the process. A year down the road they’re juggling too many of these good ideas and they have conviction about any of them. By reaffirming your simple plan you create conviction around it because you spend time with it. In some ways, it becomes like a relationship. You become connected to and develop a conviction for your plan.
Find someone to help you see what you cannot see yourself when you’re in the trenches. This is what I do for clients and it looks like reminding them of the steps we laid out, investigating and addressing any breakdowns that have led to getting off track, and collaborating on next steps in line with the plan.
Collaboration around your simple plan creates an on going conversation that keeps that plan in existence. This helps to program your subconscious and condition your reticular activator for what’s important. When we stop talking about our plan it can go out of existence. When we play in the sandbox daily with our plan and have someone else there to point out our blind spots, we can make the adjustments needed to get back on track.
Repeating this process more often should help in protecting your focus.
Focus is more important than most people give it credit for. Your business and your life’s direction depend on it.
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