Would you like me to help you double or even triple your results without prospecting?

Hi. I’m Chris Angell. I coach High I/S Agents to build high converting databases with demographic and geographic farming.

Clients shake their head at how natural my approach is. They report an increase in focus, clarity, and confidence because I don’t coach them to do something they’re not wired for.

We’re each uniquely gifted with talents to build from. We don’t need to get outside our “comfort zone” to find success (though once engaged in our vision with our strengths, we may do things that are uncomfortable).

In real estate, your success is proportionate to the size of your database. If you don’t have a database, you’re only as good as your last prospecting call or the last lead you bought - and that’s not how us High I/S’s like to roll. I’ll go a step further… your success is proportionate to the quality of connection you possess with the people in that database.

See, when you have a random database of friends and family but no central idea that connects everyone, all you have to talk about with them is real estate.

But for most High I/S agents, calling once a quarter to ask for a referral... or ask how you can help… or simply stop by to say hello feels contrived. It doesn’t feel authentic. The same goes for our postcards, hand-written notes, facebook posts, or any other marketing effort where we feel bound to the conversation of real estate. 

We’re good with people. Being that this is a people business, we, as High I/S agents have the keys to the kingdom. But because much of the training in our industry stems from High D’s we haven’t been taught how to use our gifts to make real connections. We can do it in our personal lives, but when we put our agent hats on it starts to get a little weird.

Tell me that’s not true!

And that brings us to you… here, on this page... looking for answers, or a way to build the business that’s in your head but that you haven’t been able to implement in real life.

What’s that worth to you? Literally. How much do you want to make compared to what you’re making now? Let’s say it’s an additional 24 houses a year. That’s easily $100,000 in commissions (depending on your average sales price - hello California!).

I’ve worked with agents that make good money and have been in this industry for 20 years who still feel like they’re faking it until they make it. They’ve made it through sheer talent and determination. But they have no systematic way they do things. They call when they think to call. They network when it feels right to network. And because they don’t have a system they can count on, they live with this nagging feeling that the wheels could come off at any moment.

Sound familiar?

This is what I solve. I help agents, once and for all, build a system that is easy and natural to manage. It quickly grows a database and it creates an immediate connection.

A system like this is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career and can safely double or triple your business in the next 12 to 18 months (assuming you implement what we build together). 

If you’re interested in coaching like this and you want to pursue it further (without obligation), you can schedule a free strategy session with me to see if we’re a fit. In our free call we’ll talk about your goals, your strengths, your interests and your challenges. Then I’ll suggest the approach I think you should use - this will be the approach that you and I will implement if you and I choose to work together. So consider the strategy session a “test drive” with no obligation.

This is NOT for everyone. Here’s who I CAN help:

You must be an implementer. If you don’t do the work, you can’t expect the results.

You must have a minimum budget of $100/month to invest back into your marketing. If you can’t find that in your budget then this 90 day sprint will only frustrate you.

You must value people and adding value to those people. This approach is about helping and inspiring and connecting others, NOT about constantly asking people over and over again for referrals.

You must value establishing a real foundation for your business and setting up the rest of your career. While my approach does produce short term business, it is NOT the focus. If you’re needing leads tomorrow, this is not the approach for you.

If you fit this criteria, and you’re still reading this, then you should take the next step and book a free session with me.

Let’s be clear what’s at stake.

The next 90 days could set up your entire career… heck, your entire life. Growing a real estate business is an unpredictable and rough road if you don’t have a system you can call your own. It has to feel like you or you won’t sustain it.

If you’re ready to simplify…

If you’re ready to play to your strengths…

If you’re ready for infrastructure that gives peace of mind…

If you’re ready to ditch prospecting…

Then let’s have a call and see if we’re a fit. Book now.

Warning: This is a first come first serve opportunity. Because this coaching is time intensive, there are a limited number of spots I will allow.