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In these first episodes of The Authentic Entrepreneur we're covering the foundations for running an authentic business and being an authentic entrepreneur.

Soon we'll be diving into tactics and strategies (but with the foundation of authenticity this first round of episodes is creating).  You can always do something the easy way (or the "spammy" way), but doing it with a solid foundation makes it more effective and more relatable. 

No one likes the spammy way.

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LeAnne Ozaine-Smith is a licensed financial planner, professional speaker, and the founder of Prosperity, a financial management app for small businesses. Today she shares with us some of her tips for finding your purpose in life as well as how to establish an authentic exchange with clients.

My purpose is to help people change the trajectory of their financial life

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LeAnne, a bubbly extrovert, fell into the financial management industry through her love of teaching. She found a disconnect between entrepreneurs and their finances, which opened up the opportunity for her to coach small business owners on money management.

Finding Your Focus

  • Surrounded yourself with big thinkers and brilliant people who are willing and open to talk to you.
  • LeAnne spent years running her own practice. She worked with most of her clients virtually, but this was not satisfying to her as an extrovert, so she moved to a larger practice.
  • Sometimes clarity comes from doing the wrong thing for a long time.
  • Hire coaches who can act as an outside opinion to help you find your vision.

The Authentic Exchange

Culturally, people are fed up with inauthentic and polished professionals. Businesses large and small and focusing on becoming more approachable in order to foster a more authentic exchange with clients and customers.

As an entrepreneur or consultant, you need to make your clients feel as comfortable as possible.

The first step is to help clients overcome their fears so they can truly open up to you and provide you with the information you need to help change their lives. This will require you to straddle the line between being approachable and authentic, while still being available at a professional level. In order to create a safe environment for your clients, you need to be present to your own emotions.

We have a natural tendency to be protective about ourselves, and this makes it very difficult to be authentic in a professional setting. Being transparent and authentic feels risky, but it is the only way to personally engage with someone on a human level. You need to have the courage to have vulnerable moments and create a connection with someone.

Learning about products, sales, and marketing techniques are important, but at some point it’s not about how to write a good headline - it’s about challenging people for their own good and getting to the place where it’s safe and it’s ok to be vulnerable with you.

Listening and going out of your way to make someone comfortable makes for an authentic experience @leanneozaine

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Getting to the Authentic Exchange Faster

  • Share personal stories to show clients that you are relatable and understand what they’re going through.
  • Swap industry jargon for everyday language. Clients don’t need jargon. They need to be listened to. When people don’t understand terminology they start to withdraw.

The Groundswell Method | Free Course

An efficient soulful approach for bringing more people into your business

(or following up with the ones you already have - wink, wink)

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