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The Root and Curse of “Too Many”

“What are you struggling with?” is a question I’ve become more interested in lately.
What I’m finding are answers like “Focus” “Motivation” “Time”.
So I’m exporing an idea and I’d like your thoughts in the comments.
It seems we are suffering from the “curse of too many”.
Too many To-Do’s.
Too many ideas.
Too many responsibilities.
Too many voices in our head.
Too many models.
Too many books.
Too many opinions.
Too many chores.
(insert your own “too many” here)
So when I asked myself why we have so many “too many’s” it occurred to me that it’s because we never decide. We never really choose. In fear that one idea may not work, we keep our options open with all the other great ideas we’ve heard.
I think fear, doubt, shame, and obligation play a big role in this curse and the full exploration of how that plays into our different “too many’s” is beyond the scope of this post.
But if our lack of focus, loss of motivation or crunch for time is connected to the curse of “too many” then the path out of the curse it seems is Clarity. Yes?
But this one is tricky because Clarity is subjective. In other words, we think there is a “right” way outside of us that we haven’t found and we hope this next “thing” is “it”. But not being sure, we keep our options open with other “things” that might also be “it”.
Clarity is a decisive act. It’s also a creative act. It’s an intentional act. Clarity is different than Inspiration. Inspiration is plentiful and leads to many great ideas and thoughts. Which leads us to many solutions and more ideas. Inspiration may even lead us to more “too many’s”.
But Clarity comes from within not from a book or on stage. Clarity is something we decide personally. We may use books or conference or mentors to explore our options but Clarity ultimately comes from within and is wrapped in Conviction. Clarity kills off all other options, even good options, for what we say is the best fit. For what we say fits with the life we want to live. Dose this make sense?
If we want focus, motivation, and time it seems, then, we have to search our soul and make some tough decisions about what is “right” for us and kill off all other good ideas, solutions or obligations in order to live the life we want to live and were meant to live.
I’m intersted in your feedback. Tell me your thoughts in the comments…
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