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Throw Your Hat Over the Wall

Do you have a vision?

A dream?

A goal?

Chances are you’ve already headed down the path of that goal.

You got your real estate license. You’ve made some calls in your time as an agent. You’ve worked with buyers and sellers. You’ve paid for classes and gone to conferences.

But somewhere in there, you know there’s the next “thing” you need to do and you haven’t done it.

That hesitation is always based in fear.

Maybe it’s trying Facebook ads but you don’t want to do it wrong or spend good money after bad.

Maybe it’s finally documenting your systems but you don’t know where to start so you just don’t start.

Maybe it’s hiring a coach who gets you and whose message resonates but you’re afraid it’s too expensive and wonder if it will really produce a result.

I know these feelings. I still have these feelings.

It’s human nature.

But we’re not defined by these feelings.

We can throw our hat over the wall. And when we do that, something shifts.

Our mind begins to figure it out.  We begin to ask new questions. We begin to see things differently.

This is part of how we grow as humans in the human experience. Just keep taking the next step. Throw your hat over the next wall.

What is the next “thing” you keep saying you’re going to do? What does your soul keep prompting you to take on?

Now… throw your hat over the wall. Take the next step. Reach out and ask for help. It’s time.

Your soul is ready. Let go. Don’t think. You already know. You were made for this.

Your future awaits.

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