Recommended Tools

"We shall neither fail nor falter; we shall not weaken or tire... give us the tools and we will finish the job." - Winston Churchill

*Allow me to disclose... some of the links below are affiliate links and we will be compensated if you purchase through that link. It should be noted that you won't pay extra through these links and in some cases you are actually given a discount or trial depending on the company. We think it's rather cool that companies have found a way to compensate their fans for sharing what they already use and love. We also think it's cool when our fans support the work we do buy choosing to buy through our affiliate links (Thank you, if that's you). Now check out these awesome tools.

Aweber - This is who we use as an email provider. Aweber allows us to create Broadcast campaigns as well as Auto-responder Nurture campaigns. One of the things we like about Aweber is that they've been around a long time so they integrate with many other tech tools (like ClickFunnels)

ClickFunnels - Every business needs landing pages and lead funnels in this day and age. We've experimented with a lot of different solutions. But ClickFunnels has been the most robust and easiest to use so far. They also have a tool called Actionetics that is crazy cool for segmentation of your database and getting to know your people better. 

99Designs - Awesome for Logos (they do more than logos) We've used 99Designs for our Album Art in The Authentic Entrepreneur podcast. Love having multiple designers give their ideas rather than just one designer giving a couple versions of what's in their head. Worth checking out. 

Skype - You can get unlimited minutes worldwide for roughly $36 a year. You can also call any cell or landline plus add plugins like Call Recorder or Pamela to record interviews. 

Call Recorder (Mac) - We use this to record our interviews on The Authentic Entrepreneur. 

Pamela (PC) - If you're a PC user, this is what you need to record Skype calls. 

SoundCloud - Unlimited audio hosting for roughly $10 a month. Wow!

Logitech H800 - This is the headset we've used for the last 2 years consulting every day. Love that it's blue tooth and USB so we can use it with our cell phones or our computer and Skype. It's comfy too. 

ATR 2100 - Amazing USB mic if you want high quality recordings for your interviews, tutorials, or whatever you may be recording your voice for. Super affordable. 

Fiverr - Love Fiverr for simple small jobs. We use it mostly for photoshop adjustments but they have a huge marketplace of contractors who will do all sorts of stuff for $5.