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The Authentic Entrepreneur 

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Hey, it’s Chris Angell and to say that I’m pumped that you’re here would be an understatement.

A lot of time and thought has gone into preparing for this podcast. My hope is to further the conversation of authenticity in business. That we could transcend the days of manipulative ads and marketing to genuine connection and engagement.

So every Monday and Friday I’ll publish an episode of The Authentic Entrepreneur where I interview successful entrepreneurs who have gone before us. With the goal that on Monday’s you’re feeding your mind and soul content that keeps you centered for the week and that on Fridays, after ebbing and flowing to the projects and fires in your week, that you could finish strong with me in a way that brings you back to center.

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Alright… enough housekeeping for now…I went back and forth on whether to re-record this interview or even scrap it all together. I was annoyed by my stuttering…. and stumbling over my words. I just didn’t like the way I sounded. And that is why I decided to keep it.

I think one of the biggest obstacles we face in bringing more authenticity to business is accepting to who we are, loving who we are and working from who we are. Too many times we’re trying to polish it up, make it perfect or do it “right” in fear that people won’t accept us for who we are. Plus I think most of the time we’re really tough graders on ourselves and that too gets in the way of authenticity in our business. Because it’s never “good enough” we don’t actually follow up or reach out or enact our vision on the world to the degree or velocity we’ve envisioned.

But I think the consumer is now looking for more authenticity and realness from the businesses they work with.So, with that in mind, I have decided to air this interview with my wife in the hopes that you get to know me a little and that it gives you insight into why I wanted to make a podcast like this.Don’t worry, starting in the next episode I interview guests and they do most of the talking. But for now, let me share a little of who I am with you...

Dive into the first episode below.

At Groundswell Business Consulting and on The Authentic Entrepreneur Podcast - We’re furthering a conversation that transcends marketing tactics or systems to develop true connections and engagement with our customers and audience.

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One of the biggest mistakes I made along my entrepreneurial journey was following what others were doing. Following the trends and starting to dissect the game, focusing on total revenue and income that would benefit me.

Through that I lost touch with reality and the importance of PEOPLE in business.In today’s culture people can feel if something is templated or copied. 

It’s so important that we maintain authenticity through self-awareness and have that be evident throughout everything our customers and audience interact with.

Once you have something that you really care about and find something you can stand for it’s easy to bridge that personal authenticity to an industry.

That’s what the authentic entrepreneur is all about. Authenticity is a journey of self-awareness and the entrepreneurs who get it right stand to attract more leads and more engagement from their target market.

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